Our story highlights learning difficulties (often thought of as a weakness) into a young boy’s source of power.
As a superhero on the autism spectrum, we follow Jake on his journey as he learns to adapt to the behavioral and social challenges that are the hallmarks of autism spectrum disorder.
By introducing a cast of diverse, heroic characters who share cultural and social situations,  the characters become grounded and familiar. Children who live outside of urban areas need to see the world from a different perspective. Seeing the world from another point of view fosters understanding.  Understanding creates empathy, and empathy closes the gap of fear and indifference as stereotypes begin to disappear. 

What also makes "The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse" so exciting is its intelligent storytelling.  Not only does it fuse all the elements of pop-culture and sci-fi; It also provides the viewer with an intimate glimpse into the imagination of a child on the autism spectrum.

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autism superhero
autism superhero

Jake Bernard / Jake Jetpulse:

Age: 10

Birthplace: Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY

A being of two worlds, Jake is an incredible boy who was born with amazing superpowers. On the outside, His impulsiveness makes it hard for him to focus and can sometimes get him into situations that are hard for him to get out of. But to his family and those closest to him, he's a brave, adventurous child with a heart of gold. At school, he's a class clown who always brings smiles and laughter to his classmates and headaches to his teacher Ms. Ellman.
His abilities defy the laws of science. He's capable of flying at blinding speeds and can project energy blasts from his hands and eyes.  When Jake calls upon his powers, his body glows in a soft blue energy field. Jake's powers are light-based. His strobe attack makes enemies believe that he is in several places at once. 

He exhibits characteristics of a child diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Jake can become over-stimulated by sound which makes his powers unpredictable. A noise-canceling device is added to his super suit to prevent damage to his environment.

He loves Pizza with Black olives and Mushrooms, Chicken nuggets, Video games, and comic books.  His favorite show is "Insano Society" a superhero reality show hosted by his hero, Chaos Commando Steve. 

autism superhero
autism superhero
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Julia Santiago:

Age: 11

Birthplace: Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY


An extremely intelligent little girl who is gifted with an almost superhuman knowledge of math and science. Julia is also very skilled at engineering useful tech from the junk in her uncle’s garage. She has superb recollection and is a natural in Taekwondo.

Julia tends to avoid social situations unless she feels comfortable with the people around her. However, there are times when she adopts common coping methods or implements social skill practices to fit in better. 

Like her hero Albert Einstein, Julia wears several versions of the same outfit every day. She feels that choosing what to wear each day is time wasted and takes away from more meaningful work.


She has an older brother named Victor who is currently serving in the US Army. Julia did not take Victor's departure well. Before he left, Victor gives her his most prized possession: his High School varsity jacket. She's rarely seen without it. 

autism superhero
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Marrz The Troll:

Age: 205

Birthplace: Planet Mostro


Marrz the Troll was raised on a small farm outside the Troll palace.  There he lived with his Father, Mother, and two brothers.  When he was a child, the farm and the surrounding villages were invaded by a race of beings called. "The Night Terrors" A race of beings that are known for conquering their enemies by invading their dreams, causing chaos, panic, and confusion. They disarm their adversaries by inducing fear and intense feelings of dread. 

Marrz fled into the woods from the Night Terrors' attack and wandered for days in the forest until he was found by King Igbor's Royal guard.  With no family and no home to return to, Igbor adopted Marrz and raised him as his own. 

As he grew older, Marrz became a soldier and rose through the ranks to become one of  King Igbor’s elite.  When the Goblins attack the Planet Mostro, Marrz leads a squad of trolls to retrieve the Armor of Five from its hidden location and escapes in the last transport off the planet.

The Armor is lost when the spacecraft crashes on earth.  When a child with amazing superpowers emerges, Marrz watches over the boy from the shadows. When the Goblins discovers Jake and Julia, Marrz jumps in to assist them.  He forms a bond with the children and fights along their side as their protector.

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autism superhero

Miranda Suarez

Age: 17

Birthplace: Redhook, Brooklyn NY


Miranda is a streetwise 17-year-old who was born in Redhook Brooklyn. Often thought of as a child a bright future, Miranda would learn how to fight for survival in a dysfunctional home.


In a desperate attempt to save her sister from a life of abuse, young Miranda and her sister Holly ran away from home. 
For weeks, the two sisters learned how to survive on the streets. 
As time passed, Miranda and Holly joined the Rollerz, a local gang. Her loyalty to the Rollerz helped her rise through the ranks.

Miranda's life would change forever when her sister betrayed her, pitting the gang against her and thrusting the two sisters into a bitter war. With only one way out of the gang, she was rescued by the Shrive, a powerful, paranormal being. Seeking a means to change her ways, she teamed up with the Mysterious Shrive to help others in need