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 03/01/19 Trailer | Episode 0: Introduction

Three childhood friends who grew up together in Brooklyn, NY come together as adults to share their individual journeys of finding their unique paths to success and share their motivational messages to uplift and encourage you to discover your best life and help you realize that the life that you dream for yourself can be yours. Hosts Lisa Cappiello, Ikelove , and Led Bradshaw is on a mission to help you overcome your fears, move past the everyday hurdles, and help you tune out your greatest adversary-yourself!

03/08/19 Episode 01: Getting Out Of Your Own Way

The realization that you're the main obstacle to your own success can be frustrating. Ike, Lisa, and Led share their experiences and helpful tips to help you take that first positive step forward.

03/15/19 Episode 02: Dealing With Haters

As you make your climb, you'll soon realize that not everyone is in your corner and not every smile is real. Lisa, Ike, and Led talk discuss techniques to identify these psychological vampires and how to use them to catapult your way to success.

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