Jetpulse Comics is the creation of Brooklyn born, comic book artist/writer, Led Bradshaw and his son Jacob who is on the autism spectrum. Just give Jacob 5 minutes and he’ll tell you everything there is to know about superheroes. His closet is full of costumes, enchanted hammers, magical capes and utility belts.


Autism has been a part of their lives since Jacob was 3 1/2 years old. Desperately looking for a way to communicate with Jake and help him learn, Led used his love of art and turned Jacob’s artwork into an exciting comic book learning adventure.

Jetpulse Comics is a unique “father-and-son” project that was created to uplift, encourage and raise awareness about children and other individuals all over the world who are on the autism spectrum. It also gives Jacob the opportunity to write his own comic book stories and shows others what life is like with autism.