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Art and autism: How one man made his son a superhero

Brooklyn born native Led A. Bradshaw is a talented comic book artist/writer, graphic artist, and Technical Writer who has been captivating children and adults alike with his exceptional artistic abilities from the time he was three years old. Wanting to inspire his son Jacob, an autistic child, to learn, create and be his own hero, Led created the children’s comic book series, "The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse." A true partnership, this series explores Jacob's imagination and chronicles his superhero and his characters' adventures.


What is Includenyc.org? 


They are the New York State-funded Special Education Parent Center for New York City’s four largest boroughs, a member of the federal Parent Training and Information Center (PTIC) collaborative for New York City and Long Island, a federally-funded Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC) for the South Bronx and northern Manhattan, and the lead partner for the Rehabilitative Services Administration PTIC for New York City and upstate New York.

Since 1983,  they have worked tirelessly to provide love, equity, and access to young people with all disabilities in New York City by providing them and their families with the resources and support they need. 

Their podcast series, Disability Inc. delivers in-depth interviews with educators, parents and professionals who are making a difference in the lives of our disabled youth and their families. I encourage you all to visit their site and listen to this amazing podcast series.  It was an honor to meet with this organization and record this podcast.  I hope that it inspires you as well as it reminds us all that not all heroes wear capes.

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