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Jetpulse Comics™ makes its way to social media. Come and join us on Youtube. Subscribe to the channel and give us a like. And don’t forget to listen to the “All-New” 3 Dreamers Podcast that is recorded and produced here at Jetpulse Comics™.


Jetpulse Comics™ is on YouTube!

Jake has his very own YouTube Channel. Jetpulse Comics™ creator Led Bradshaw and son Jacob demonstrate easy arts & crafts activities that are fun for the entire family. Give Jake a “thumbs-up” and subscribe to the channel.


The 3 Dreamers Podcast

The 3 Dreamers Podcast is made up of three childhood friends who grew up together in Brooklyn, NY. Daring to listen to their hearts, they come together as adults to share their individual journeys of finding their unique paths to success and to motivate those who dream of carving out their own path, but are unsure how or when to begin. The 3 Dreamers Podcast is recorded and produced by Jetpulse Comics™ in Brooklyn NY.