Product Review: The AngelSense Guardian GPS Tracking System


The AngelSense Guardian GPS Tracking System Is A Super Accessory Fit For Every Hero.

Last year, My mother joined Jacob's class on a field trip to the Prospect Park Zoo.  Jake broke away from the class and ran off into the crowd. Thankfully, the teachers caught up to him and returned him to the group. If it wasn't for the athleticism of Jake's teachers, this field trip could've gone a completely different way. 

Ask any parent and they'll tell you that there's nothing more terrifying than the moment when a child wanders away from their parents or guardians.  This inspired me to search the web for wearable tracking systems.

One of the tracking devices that stood out from the rest is the Angelsense GPS Tracking System. This is a very piece of hardware that's loaded with incredibly helpful features to give parents some piece of mind when they're away from their child. 



Like most working parents, I spend a good part of the day away from my kid. With the AngelSense GPS Tracking System, I'm able to see his current location in real-time.  Paired with the AngelSense app, I receive notifications when my son is in transit and when he arrives home. 

Transit: The AngelSense app displays your child's travel time and also provides the speed of your child's transportation.

Transit: The AngelSense app displays your child's travel time and also provides the speed of your child's transportation.

At its core, the AngelSense Guardian GPS tracking device is a simplified GPS enabled phone that is housed in a water-resistant case.  With an impressive 10-second refresh rate, The technology uses geofencing and tracking to deliver your child's location in real-time. The tracker comes in a versatile wearable sleeve that can be placed anywhere on the child. It can be worn along your child's waistline, an inside pocket, along the pant leg,  a hoodie or a light jacket. It can also be secured inside a backpack. The tracker comes with three fasteners and can only be removed by using a magnetic parent key that is included in the case.


Inside the case, you'll find:

1.  AngelSense Guardian GPS inside a specifically designed sleeve. 
2. Three (3) Magnetic fasteners
3. Magnetic Key to remove the magnetic fasteners
4. Micro USB charging cable
5. AC Adaptor



Wearability and Comfort:

The AngelSense GPS Tracker is easy to conceal and offers many additional wearing options for your child.

The AngelSense GPS Tracker is easy to conceal and offers many additional wearing options for your child.

The AngelSense GPS Tracking System is concealable and comfortable to wear. Finding a comfortable place to wear the device took some time. I recommend that you try different locations on your kid to find the best location. 

Jake became used to wearing the AngelSense tracker after a couple of weeks. AngelSense also offers additional wearing options like a belt and undershirt that can be purchased HERE.

Battery Life

Before you use the device for the first time, charge the GPS tracker for at least two hours.  The tracker's battery level is displayed in the lower right corner in the AngelSense app's control panel. 

Charging the AngelSense GPS Tracking System is easy and painless. First, insert the small micro USB end of the charging cable into the micro USB charging port on the tracking device. Then connect the larger USB end of the charging cable to the AC Adaptor.  Insert the AC adapter into an available wall outlet.

Press and hold the power button on the side of the AngelSense GPS device for approximately 3 seconds. The unit will vibrate and a voice command "device is charging" will be heard.

I found the battery life to be decent at best. A fully charged device seemed to last for about a day. The tracker is fastened on Jake around 8 AM each day. By 7:30 PM, the app sends a notification that the device needs to be charged. Given all of the AngelSense's features, substantial battery consumption is expected. 


Features We Liked:

AngelSense "Listen-In" Feature:

This tracker is really packed with features. I was impressed with the "listen-in" feature that allows you to hear what's going on in your child's surroundings. This is also a very helpful feature if your child wanders away.  Listen in for possible clues to help pinpoint your child's whereabouts.

Using the  "Angel Call" Feature:

Angel Call is a new feature that is available to users with AngelSense's GPS2 device. It is a one-way direct call to the AngelSense tracker. The call is placed from the app and requires no action on your child's part because there are no buttons for them to press.  Just press the [Phone] icon on the app's control panel. This has become one of my favorite features.  It worked great when I needed to get Jake to calm down and relax.  

What You Should Know:

Two of the AngelSense monthly subscriptions includes 60 free minutes for Listen-In and AngelCall combined for a calendar month. Once you exceed the 60 minutes, you will have a negative balance on your minutes. 

You can purchase additional minutes from the AngelSense StoreThe free minutes are always the first to be used and then any purchased minutes are used after the free minutes are depleted. The minutes that you purchase never expire. 

The call quality can vary depending on the where the tracking device is placed. Jake is very active. He fidgets, jumps and plays a lot so the sound can get a little rough if your kid is wearing the device in their pants pocket or a jacket. 


Is it Legal?:

This is a good question. My father and I had a huge debate about this feature.  The "Listen-In" feature's main purpose is to help locate a lost child indoors where a phone's signal strength is weak.  The AngelSense tracking device does not have a record function. Eavesdropping and Surveillance laws vary from state to state.  So before using this device, I recommend that you alert your child's caregiver of this feature. You can also manually disable this feature in the app to prevent listening in during school hours.





Runner Mode:

Press the Phone icon to initiate AngelSense's "Listen-In" or "Angel-Call" function. Press the Running Icon to enter "Runner Mode".

Press the Phone icon to initiate AngelSense's "Listen-In" or "Angel-Call" function. Press the Running Icon to enter "Runner Mode".

My son Jake is not very fond of crowds or loud noises. When his senses get overwhelmed, he'll impulsively run away from it. Even in school, there were times when he'd give his teachers a scare.  There's a "Runner Mode" feature in the app that lets parents share their child's real-time location with friends, family, caregivers or law enforcement in the event of an emergency.

My Thoughts So Far

After using the AngelSense GPS tracking device for 2 months, I can honestly say that  I'm very pleased with it.  Despite my concerns with the tracking system's battery life, the AngelSense Guardian is a powerful companion for parents who want added security for their little ones. AngelSense GPS tracking devices are not only for tracking children on the spectrum. They are also great for families with elderly family members who can wander away. The app's interface is clear and easy to navigate. A monthly service may be a deterrent to some. But with all of AngelSense's features, it's well worth it. 

Stay tuned for my follow up video as we continue testing the AngelSense GPS Tracking System. To purchase an AngelSense product or for more information, visit the AngelSense website at



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