Here's what viewers have said about Jetpulse Comics. Thank you so much for your kindness and support.

"This comic is fearsome! It not only brings awareness about ADHD, but teaches others that we all are special and have an inner hero! Jake and his family is truly an inspiration in which we all should aspire to be! Thanks for creating this comic. Can’t wait to see more!"

Naji D. - Queens, New York

"My kids really liked making the slime. The characters have potential to be great role models for children. Great work, dad. 

Merlin R. - Sydney, Australia

"My son is in Jake's class, and he was very excited to talk about the comic when he came home today. I feel grateful for K12's diversity. The children are getting an invaluable view and experience of the world through their own classmates. Thank you for letting Jake present his hard work. Looking forward to the next part of the comic!"

Ari - Brooklyn, New York

I had the pleasure of working with Led for two years and saw first-hand not only what a talented artist he is, but how dedicated he is to his son, Jake. Through a shared love of comics and superheroes, Led helps Jake share his thoughts and spread awareness of what it's like to experience life on the autism spectrum. There's the comic itself, activities and educational materials.

School psychologist and teacher friends, take a look! If you want to bring The New Adventures of Jake Jetpulse into your classroom, I'll be glad to make the introduction.

Stella M.  - New Jersey

I checked out the site. It's wonderful! You both really got something here. Jake is really going to help out other children like him and with the support of you he really can be someone's superhero!

Kim B. - Bellmore, New York

"That's so cool. It's a kid's dream made reality".

Guido S.  - New York, N.Y.

"Oh my God this is awesome. See you are awesome and you have a hero but he has a hero! We need more people like you to make this world better for our children."

Laura R.  - Matamoras, Pennsylvania