Save Everything


Use Your Photos as a Reference


I always make it a habit to take as many photos as I can. As Jake grows older, his appearance changes.  This helps keep my artwork consistent  and adds chronology to his comic book universe as he matures.  


Include Your Child


Marrz The Troll

Marrz the Troll began was originally a villain  in the original drafts of the story. One night, Jake woke up screaming in the middle of the night.  Once he was able to tell me about his nightmare, I gave him a crayon and a piece of paper. I asked him to draw whatever it was that scared him. 

He drew the monster as best as he could. When he was finished, I suggested that Jake give his monster a silly name because No one is ever going to take a mean monster seriously if his name is "Bubbles".

Marrz may seem like a monster on the outside. But he's really just a peaceful soul  with an appetite for cheeseburgers.


Marrz and Julia's Friendship

because it comes from a place of acceptance and unconditional love.  I wanted to teach my son that, although we are different from each other, our hearts share a common feeling of love. She accepts him for who and what he is. She doesn't want to change aything about him.