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The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse™  is a collection of unique autism superhero books that was created by a young boy with autism.  Jake Jetpulse™ is quickly becoming one of the best books that kids enjoy reading!  The Jake Jetpulse workbooks feature incredible mini-comic book adventures to help improve reading comprehension, math drills, and fun sensory-friendly activities! 


There are many autism books for kids But few are like “The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse”. Jake Jetpulse is a comic book universe that was created by a young boy with autism.

When comic book illustrator Led Bradshaw’s son Jake was diagnosed with autism, Led jumped into action and created a one-of-a-kind superhero experience for his son to help pull him into learning. By embracing his son’s unique interests, Led turned him into an autism superhero.

Led created a series of workbooks filled with learning drills, fun sensory activities, math drills, and reading comprehension mini-comics—each book is tailored for kids from K to 2nd grade.

Jake Jetpulse Autism Superheroes