Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Last year, Jake had some difficulty following instructions in school. Because of his love for everything superheroes, His teacher started using superhero toys and analogies to help him learn certain lessons. Whenever he follows along and pays attention, he's rewarded with a box of superhero figurines to play with. He learns by getting rewarded for doing a good job. 

Applied behavior analysis is a form of psychological therapy that is used in many programs in the U.S to teach children with autism.It focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. It positively reinforces good behavior.The learner receives no reinforcement for behaviors that pose harm or prevent learning. When good behavior is met with a reward, that behavior is more likely to be repeated. 

A behavioral analyst can employ rewards to teach children about appropriate behaviors and life skills. these lessons are usually taught in a small modified class setting. ABA techniques can help encourage basic life skills such as reading, conversing and communication.The teacher can use a variety of behavior analytic procedures, some of which are directed by the teacher and others initiated by the student.

These professionals often supervise other people, including paraprofessionals, who will be working directly with your child. Thus, it is important that you feel confident that the licensed clinical psychologist or behavior analyst is providing regular supervision to anyone working directly with your child