About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Being an independent Comic Book Illustrator since 2017 has been no easy feat. But with a bit of diligence and dedication, I’ve managed to produce original work I’m proud of, as well as collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry.


I worked hard to bring my son's visions to life in my own unique style — combining traditional as well as modern illustration techniques. Check out my work and get in touch today.

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Our Story

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The Adventures of Jake Jetpulse follows the adventures of Jake Bernard, a young autistic boy gifted with exceptional superpowers! Join Jake, his best friend Julia, and Marrz the Troll as they join forces to fight the ultimate evil- the sinister Damiana, Queen of the Goblin Hive! 
In this epic tale of good versus evil, Jake embarks on an adventure to discover that he's the galaxy's greatest hope for survival. Drawing from animated adventures like The lncredibles, Big Hero 6, Teen Titans Go, and the Power Rangers, Jetpulse Super­heroes seeks to create a connected animated universe featuring superheroes from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. 

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